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Now offering VitalWatch24 RN monitoring service!

VitalWatch 24 service offers...

Remote health monitoring


What could be better than having an RN reviewing your vital signs and health metrics for you? VitalWatch 24 clinicians review your readings to ensure your meds and treatments are working, and more importantly, when they aren't.

In-home nurse visits


Sometimes you just need to have a face to face visit so a professional set of eyes can check you out.  VitalWatch 24 Nurse at Home service provides an RN visit when problems can't be resolved remotely.  Assessment and triage of problems can help catch small problems before they become big ones.

Lab collection and monitoring


Going to the lab and waiting to give specimens can be a hassle.  VitalWatch 24 Lab at Home service will come collect the labs from you and bring them to the lab of your choice.  **Insurance info and MD/NP order is required.

24 hour CallBell service


Using the CellBell button on your wearable device, you can send an alert to our nurses 24 hours a day!  A nurse will quickly call you back to discuss any concerns, triage any acute health problems, or answer your health questions.

Monthly wellness checks*


VitalWatch 24 offers the kind of peace of mind no other service can offer.  Having a parent or sick loved one being professionally monitored can alleviate you from having to constantly check in.  At least once a month we'll go to the home to perform an in depth wellness check and review the previous month's readings.  *Additional in home visits are available (per visit fee may apply)

Health provider communication


Is there a health change that will require a visit to your provider's office? Need to find a specialist? VitalWatch 24 will notify your doctor of any problems we find and schedule an appointment for you! We are experts at navigating the healthcare system so let us help get things lined up for you.

VitalWatch 24 RN Health Monitoring and Concierge Nursing Service

IT'S DESIGNED TO BE VERY AFFORDABLE!! Monthly services start at only $99/month!

VitalWatch 24 - Nurse at Home Clinical Services


VitalWatch 24 Nurses provide many RN level services for short and long term care needs, including...

· Implementing a clinical care plan · 24/7 callback, as required · Medication review and planning · Pain management · Oxygen therapy · Monitoring vitals · Measuring & monitoring weight ·

Patient and family education on disease and device management for:

Urinary catheter maintenance · Gastrostomy tube feeding care · Care for chronic illnesses and injuries · Brain and spinal cord injury care · Diabetes management and care · Coordinating home medical equipment, pharmacy, and supplies · Controlling infection education · Preventing pressure ulcers · Performing dressing changes · Palliative care · Minor and simple wound care · Cosmetic surgery aftercare · Insulin therapy  

Examples of our VitalWatch 24 clients:

 - Have one or more diagnosed health problems for which they:

1. Take one or more medications

2. Monitor via health device (BP cuff, glucometer, pulse ox probe, etc)

3. Do or do not have therapeutic control (they are able to keep their reading within normal range)

4. Patients who are wheelchair bound or bedbound

5. Patients who require a daily sitter or companion service 

6. Any patient who is currently on home health or hospice


- Have been diagnosed with one or more of the following (not limited to):

1. Hypertension (High blood pressure)

2. Heart failure

3. Atrial fibrillation

4. Heart arrhythmias

5. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

6. Sleep Apnea or other sleep disorders

7. Previous heart attack or stroke

8. Conditions that have decreased patient movement or mobility

9. Diabetes Type 1 or 2