Koerner Health Solutions, LLC

Now offering VitalWatch24 RN monitoring service!

Interactive Telemonitoring


Hospital level monitoring at the outpatient level of care

Patient monitoring technology has taken quantum leaps and given healthcare providers the ability to remotely monitor post-hospital discharges and outpatients of all risk levels.  Our concepts can monitor a wide range of health metrics that are indicative of patient status and risk for hospitalization.

Blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood glucose, pulse oximetry, body temperature*,...knowing these patient metrics in real time can catch problems early and prevent hospitalizations.

*available soon


Know your patient's level of recuperation and healing

Knowing how active, mobile, and rested a patient is can be valuable information to have when assessing patient wellness and recuperative status.  Our monitoring technology can track patient mobility metrics such as steps taken and distance walked. It can track sleep quantity, energy, and mood. These variables all factor into how well a patient is maintaining their health and wellness and gives insight as to how well they're feeling.

Wearable tech can even perform a 3 lead EKG in the home setting!  While not diagnostic, a clinician performing a home visit can use the EKG feature to determine if further investigation of potential heart rhythm changes are warranted should a change in patient health status occur.


Patient alerts at the touch of a button!

Our wearable devices offer the exclusive CallBell feature that allows patients to send a text and email alert to our service by pressing the button on the side of the device.  A clinician will receive the alert within seconds of activation.  The patient can expect a callback within minutes.  It's just like pressing the nurse call button on your hospital bed.

Patient feedback and notification of acute health changes, health or medication questions, or any need to speak with a nurse who can triage patient concerns serves to provide immediate and preventative interactivity.  Our service can then notify their provider or health service of any needs that may require a change in the plan of care.

Think of the peace of mind patient and their caregivers will have knowing their loved one is being professionally monitored by their health provider around the clock!

So why use Koerner Health for your telemonitoring needs?

Competitive rates

We're a business just like you, and we get it.  If telemonitoring costs too much your company just can't do it.  We'll work closely with you to find a per patient rate that makes dollars and sense for you and your patient population.

State of the art technology

Our concepts utilize the latest in wearable tech, but as a forwarding thinking innovative company we recognize other technologies and devices will enter in the marketplace.  Don't worry...we have developed our concepts to adapt to whatever nuances emerge in the wearable and health/wellness technology sector.  The best solutions will be what we offer.

Competitive edge

When you're first to offer a product or service you gain an advantage over your competitors.  If you're offering our innovative concepts as part of your company's health service you'll stand out.  That means growth, increased revenue, lower costs, happier and healthier patients.

What if your competitor installs our concepts before you?  No one remembers who came in second in any race...