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Now offering VitalWatch24 RN monitoring service!

Innovative Consulting


Home Health/Hospice

Wearable technology is helping home care services improve quality of care, significantly reduce clinician costs, prevent inpatient admissions and re-admissions, and improve the quality of palliation for patients on hospice care.  Our concepts and solutions allow 24 hour monitoring of your in home patient population and 24 hour patient activiated alerts to be sent to the agency and clinicians.  Catch fevers, hypoxia, high glucose, high blood pressure, etc within minutes instead of hours or days later. Even worse, after an ER visit.

Health and Wellness Programs

These days nothing is more important than helping our patients, employees, and loved ones stay as healthy as can be.  Wearable technology gives individuals and businesses the tools needed to create modern and innovative health and wellness programs.  Healthy clients and healthy employees make for a healthy office culture and healthy bottom lines.

Insurance and Payor Source Companies

It's a no brainer to invest in wearable technology that can improve the health and wellness of patient populations.  Insurers and payors must make every dollar count to remain competitive.  KHS can provide the HELO LX+ and Extenze and design concepts to help reduce the cost of healthcare and give you an edge with the services you can offer.  If you're in a ACO, we can help maximize the shared savings by reviewing your highest risk populations and designing solutions specific to your challenges.

Provider Offices

Each patient brings a unique set of challenges for providers.  Will that medication change be more effective? Should you stop one med and start a new one? Are your patients even taking them correctly?  How will you know until their next follow up?  With KHS concepts and technology applications you can monitor them from your office and make adjustments in between follow up appointments.  You'll know if your plan of treatment is working or not. 

Assisted Living/Retirement Communities/Nursing Facilities

What peace of mind can you offer to clients and their caregivers alike when they can monitor their loved ones from anywhere, anytime.  Sharing that you offer 24 health monitoring can be the edge that brings potential residents to your door instead of your competitor's.  Getting alerts that notify your staff and caregivers of a potential problem before it becomes a trip to the doctor can save time, resources, and having to explain to families why a resident had to get sent out.  

**Competitive Consulting Fees

Koerner Health Solutions understands health facilities and practices have slim margins and bringing on outside help can be costly.  Our passion is to improve health and wellness for all!  Our consulting rates are very competitive and our solutions designed to increase your clinical and financial performance. Helping your business help others is the whole point.