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An introduction to Koerner Health Solutions

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About Us

Classic healthcare and wellness meets modern technology

Koerner Health Solutions designs and offers products, services and concepts merging state of the art wearable, portable technologies with innovative healthcare and wellness programs.

KHS utilizes the latest and most revolutionary health and wellness devices that monitor clinically relevant health metrics!  Combining years of clinical and managerial healthcare experience with the modern technology's newest functionality, the results are innovative concepts and services to benefit individual healthcare consumers, caregivers, clinicians, providers, healthcare companies, and payor sources.

Improving the quality of health for those who manage chronic health conditions, multiple medications, utilize health services, or have loved ones assisting them day to day with health and wellness concerns is what drives Koerner Health Solution's concepts and services.

How does KHS use wearable technology to make healthcare better?


Wearable technology allows individuals to have continuous health monitoring of specific health metrics in a way never available before.  

Once a person leaves the hospital or provider's office, unless you're hooked up to a machine, there is a gap in data which can provide valuable insight as to whether a plan of care or medication adjustment has been effective.  It's not uncommon to discover issues with a new med or change in treatment because a patient had to return to the hospital!

Now, with wearable technology, patients can not only track their health numbers but that data can be transmitted remotely to caregivers, doctors, nurses, health monitoring services, etc.  Anyone who helps keep a loved one healthy and out of the hospital shouldn't be without the wearable technology and services available through Koerner Health Solutions!

Helping patients, helping caregivers, helping providers, helping prevent unnecessary health costs.


Can we prevent ALL hospital admissions and bouncebacks? Maybe one day, but with Koerner Health Solutions innovative concepts catching problems early can certainly prevent hospital visits.

KHS offers remote health monitoring, in-home nurse concierge service, in-home lab monitoring and collection services, health provider monitoring access, health and wellness education regarding new health diagnoses, new and current medication education and monitoring, and is constantly expanding it's services to match the highly fluid dynamic the healthcare market brings.

Koerner Health Solutions also offers business consultation for various types of healthcare companies.  Improving patient outcomes, improving cost containment, and providing innovative solutions are part of we are passionate about.

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